North Lincolnshire Council has declared the following Air Quality Management Areas:

Details Declared for Description Date
Scunthorpe AQMA Particulate Matter <10 µm An area incorporating part of the town of Scunthorpe and an area to the east of Scunthorpe including the site of the steelworks. Date Declared 1.11.2005, Date Amended 19.03.2018
Low Santon AQMA Particulate Matter <10 µm A small area of land surrounding 3 houses at Low Santon. Santon is a small village adjacent to the North Eastern boundary of the local integrated steel works. Date Declared 1.12.2008, Date Revoked 19.03.2018

View the Scunthorpe Action Plan [PDF]

To find out more about AQMAs, visit the Air Quality Management Area pages on the Defra website.